Tamayomi Episode 1 English Sub

Tamayomi (TV) Episode 1 English Sub

Here is the episode one of Tamayomi with english subtitle. Watch Tamayomi (TV) episode one with English Subtitle in HD here.

For English subtitle, click on setting, then click on subtitle than click on Japanese. Subtitles in Japanese will start. For English subtitle, Again touch on setting, Click on subtitle, Click on auto translate and then find English and select English. English Subtitle will start.

Tamayomi (TV) Episode 1 English Sub


Tamayomi is a Japanese baseball manga series which get TV anime. Manga of Tamayomi was released by Mountain Pukuichi on April 2016. Anime of Tamayomi will be relesed by Studio A- Cat in April 2020. In YOUTUBE, Episode one of Tamayomi has been already released.

Release Date

Officially, first episode of Tamayomi will be release in April 01, 2020.


Tamayomi (TV) : Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More
  • Yomi Takeda (武田 詠深, Takeda Yomi) Voiced by: Kaori Maeda
  • Tamaki Yamazaki (山崎 珠姫, Yamazaki Tamaki) Voiced by: Satomi Amano
  • Nozomi Takamura (中村 希, Takamura Nozomi) Voiced by: Ruriko Noguchi
  • Sumire Fujita (藤田 菫, Fujita Sumire) Voiced by: Marie Hashimoto
  • Risa Fujiwara (藤原 理沙, Fujiwara Risa) Voiced by: Airi Eino
  • Ryō Kawasaki (川﨑 稜, Kawasaki Ryō) Voiced by: Rina Kitagawa
  • Ibuki Kawaguchi (川口 息吹, Kawaguchi Ibuki) Voiced by: Miyu Tomita
  • Rei Okada (岡田 怜, Okada Rei) Voiced by: Yume Miyamoto
  • Shiragiku Ōmura (大村 白菊, Ōmura Shiragiku) Voiced by: Rina Honnizumi
  • Yoshino Kawaguchi (川口 芳乃, Kawaguchi Yoshino) Voiced by: Nao Shiraki
  • Kyōka Fujii (藤井 杏夏, Fujii Kyōka) Voiced by: Haruka Yoshimura


Tamayomi (TV) Episode 1 English Sub

In the first episode, Yomi Takeda enrolled herself in the same school where her childhood friend Tamaki Yamazaki was studying. They both used to play basketball when they were kids. Yomi Takeda was in a basketball team in her previous school. But in this school, basketball was banned.

Yomi Takeda and Tamaki Yamazaki and some other girls who love the basketball started playing basketball in their school. In the first episode, Yomi Takeda was remembering her old experience while other players were amazed of her throwing skills.

The past experience of playing basketball in Yomi old school was not so good. But in this school, other girls were appreciating that they got so talented player in her group. Yomi Takeda and Tamaki Yamazaki shows the best combination while playing game.

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