A short anime film called Noiseman Sound Insect is currently streaming on YouTube.

On Tuesday, Studio 4°C started streaming the Noiseman Sound Insect animated short film in HD for the first time on YouTube. The anime has English subtitles and is accessible outside of Japan. Until November 18, the animation will only be accessible for a brief period of time.

The animation was directed by Koji Morimoto (Memories, Genius Party, The Animatrix). Alongside Masaaki Yuasa (DEVILMAN crybaby, Mind Game), he served as the animator’s supervisor and character designer. The soundtrack was created by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop). Producer of the film was Takashi Mogi (Ghost in the Shell).

The narrative centers on the conflict with Noiseman, a villain who steals music from the populace and rules the town.

In November 1997, the short film made its premiere.

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