As Russian draft demonstrations continue, hundreds have been arrested.

According to a non-governmental rights organization, hundreds of individuals have been detained by the authorities as nationwide demonstrations against Russia’s new “partial mobilisation” continue.

724 individuals were reportedly held on Saturday in 32 different places, according to OVD-Info.

President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that 300,000 men will be drafted to fight in Ukraine has sparked widespread protests.

Russian legislation prohibits unofficial demonstrations.

But the decision by Mr. Putin to enlist citizens in the military has triggered widespread rallies in metropolitan areas, with over a thousand people jailed at protests earlier this week.

We are not cannon fodder, one protester said as she was taken into custody in Moscow, according to the news agency AFP.

Additionally, one guy told reporters in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, “I don’t want to go to war for Putin.”

Natalya Dubova, who is 70 years old, admitted to opposing the war and being “afraid for young people” being sent to the front lines.

While being detained by security personnel, several of those who were arrested on Saturday claimed they were given draft papers and told to go to recruiting centers. Earlier last week, the Kremlin asserted that the practice “isn’t illegal” and defended it.

For individuals suspected of neglecting their duties after being drafted, tough new penalties have also been authorized by Moscow.

On Saturday, Mr. Putin approved new laws punishing soldiers who are detected giving up, trying to leave the military, or refusing to fight with up to 10 years in prison.

Additionally, the president issued decrees awarding Russian citizenship to any outsider who enlists for a year of military service.

The regulation foregoes the typical requirement of five years of residency in the nation, which some analysts have claimed illustrates how bad Moscow’s scarcity of troops has grown.

As men avoid the call-up, Russia discloses exclusions.

What does Russia’s call-up of troops mean for Ukraine?

Due to supply issues, Putin dismisses the deputy defense chief.

Another group of young Russians is still trying to exit the country in order to avoid mobilization.

The interior ministry has encouraged citizens not to go due to long lines of Russian automobiles on the Georgian border that stretch for more than 30km (18 miles).

Nearly 2,500 automobiles were waiting at one checkpoint when local Russian officials acknowledged that there had been a considerable inflow of cars attempting to cross.

The Russian government has changed its tone after labeling on Thursday claims of Russians evading conscription as “false.”

The number of Russians attempting to immigrate to Finland has also sharply increased.

The number of Russian immigrants entering has more than quadrupled since last week, according to Matti Pitkaniitty, a spokeswoman for the country’s Border Guard.

The administration has preparations to halt the entry of Russian visitors on Friday.

According to President Sauli Niinist√∂, “the objective and purpose is to considerably limit the number of individuals coming to Finland from Russia.”

Several other nearby nations have previously decided against providing sanctuary to Russians trying to evade the draft.

According to Latvia’s Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkvis, “many Russians who are currently fleeing Russia due to mobilization were okay with killing Ukrainians.” “They didn’t object back then. Considering them to be conscientious objectors is incorrect.”

In order to increase its war effort in Ukraine, the Kremlin on Friday unveiled a number of professions that it stated would be excluded from conscription.

IT professionals, bankers, and journalists who work for state media won’t be affected by the “partial mobilisation” declared by President Putin on Wednesday.

However, others have questioned the veracity of the Kremlin’s assertions, and there have been rumors that local recruitment officials have called up Russian males who don’t fit the requirements.

A list of residents who were mandated to report for duty who are old or disabled was provided to Twitter by Margarita Simonyan, the editor of the state-run media channel RT.

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