Attack on female diners in China Tangshan: Man sentenced to 24 years in prison.

24 years in jail were handed down to a guy who organized a brutal assault on four ladies who were dining at a Chinese restaurant.

In June, Chen Jizhi was judged responsible for an incident that started after one of the ladies refused his approaches and took place in the northeastern city of Tangshan.

The violence, in which the males battered the ladies with bottles, chairs, and fists, led to the conviction of an additional 27 individuals.

Discussion on female violence in China was sparked by a surveillance film that went viral.

Although their injuries were initially considered “mild,” the authorities first classified two of the victims as spending time in intensive care while the other two were photographed covered in blood.

The other defendants received sentences ranging from six months to eleven years in jail. Chen received a fine of 320,000 yuan (£40,000 or $45,000) in addition to his 24-year prison term.

According to the Global Times, the court mandated Chen and the other five defendants pay damages for the four victims’ medical bills and other losses.

Anger and concerns on how women are treated in China

Domestic violence is nevertheless common and underreported in China, according to activists for women’s rights.

The local deputy director of district police and other officers handled the matter in a “slow and inappropriate” manner, according to a report that was made public shortly after the incident.

According to journalists, Chinese officials suppressed internet discussion of assaults on women and attempted to portray the incident as gang activity.

The attack’s brutality provoked anger and a fiery discussion on social media, making it one of the most talked-about subjects on China’s widely used social networking site Weibo.

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