BIG30 – Mista

Switches glizzys, nothin’ else
Blrrrd (blrrrrd), (blrrrd) blrrrd
David, wake up (blrrrd, big blrrrd)
Blrrrd, blrrrd stand for them switches nigga
(Big blrrrrd) long live Mista nigga (TP808)Ayy, blrrrd (blrrrd)

Them members near soon as you hear that sound (hear that sound)
I been pistol toting since 14, picked it up and ain’t it put it down (ain’t it put it down)
Fo’ they cut my name down to BIG30, I was 30 round
Don’t do no cappin’, we get active (blrrrd)
Opp knows how that .30 sound (.30 sound)Pussy told me, “Fuck my nigga” to my face, I couldn’t believe it

Nigga know I’on play one to the face (blrrrd) he must thought I was Jeezy (ayy)
Big nigga with pointers on, hit ya block in a bent like Peezy
And I’m really gon’ step on some
Go ask lil’ one, breathin’ ain’t easy (nope)I’on give a fuck ’bout nothin’ (nope)
I could’ve been went Lamb’

I spent an Urus truck on buttons (on the go)
Take care, my killers on a daily get whatever gun (gun)
We spin they block for fun (blrrrd, blrrrd)
Bet BIG30, don’t play for no’n
I been thuggin’ that’s on my son

I been spinnin’ that’s on Tae Tae (that’s on Tae Tae though)
I be with murderers and robbers
Bitch, that’s every day, come from that, yeah
Bitch, I’m project baby, lil’ Section 8 (okay, gang)
Rock shit to bed, I come from king gate first (ayy), 48
We pop it off, shoot shit on tape (out there in the city)

I done witnessed niggas buy bitches shit they won’t buy they man’s
And I’m on Memphis shit
I might show ya love, but won’t show my hand
Murda from the crest, but this shit in blood (murderer, murderer)
That’s for sure, my man

And soon they post that bond
Go break the bank, take Arthur Horne them bandz
Palm sweaty, Glock heavy, bond ready
Nigga got me fucked up (blrrrd)
Back shot arm shot rib cracked, a’ight then shut up (blrrrd-blrrrd)

40 nights, 40 days slingin’ Ks, I bet not let up (blrrrd)
CGE forever stand on wax, they gon’ respect us
Blrrrd-blrrrd, blrrrd, it stand for nothin’ else
Puttin’ on for Mista ’cause my nigga, he was somethin’ else (somethin’ else)
Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, b-blrrrd, blrrrd
Blrrrd, big blrrrd, blrrrd

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