Boruto: Noruto Next Generation Episode 204

In Boruto Episode 204, Noruto was taken by Jigen from his home to a different place. Sasuke followed him. Noruto and Sasuke fought with Jigen but Jigen with his special abilities giving hard time to both of them. Sasuke told Noruto to give him some time and while that Sasuke came to know about Jigen special abilities. Jigen can reduce and increase his size as well as the rods. Noruto attacked Jigen with Giant Rasengan and Jigen absorbed it but during absorption of Jutsu he can’t move. Sasuke took the advantage and tried to attack Jagen but Jagen use the teleportation to escape his attack.

Slowly slowly Sasuke came to know that they are trying to absorb chakra of whole planet so Sasuka and Noruto went all out on Jagen but even with their combo attacks, they were not able to defeat him. At last, Jagen defeated both of them and he knows that with nine tail it will be hard to kill Naruto right now. On the other hand, Sasuke has a dangerous technique so he tried to kill Sasuke but Naruto manage to buy some time for Sasuke to escape.

Boruto Episode 204
Boruto: Noruto Next Generation Episode 204

Sasuke teleport to Sakura which can heal him. While fight, Sasuke and Naruto also came to know that Jigen is after Boruto. During fight with a help of a pet someone is watching all the incidents.

Sarada went to Naruto house and found that Konohamaru Sensei is injured and Kawaki is day dreaming. She asked what happened and he told that Jagen took the Lord seventh. Boruto also came there and follow up. The search team started searching Naruto.

During the end of fight, Jagen belly has a shell which got cracked. After covering Naruto in black ball it got more cracked and it seems someone else is using Jagen body.

Boruto Episode 205 Preview

Boruto Episode 204 ends here and in Boruto 205 episode it seems the Sasuke will get healed and came with a perfect solution to save the Noruto.

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