Dozens of Norths by Koji Yamamura, winner of the Ottawa International Animation Festival Award.

The Dozens of Norths (Ikuta no Kita) anime film by Koji Yamamura received this year’s Grand Prize for Feature Animation, the Ottawa International Film Festival (OIAF) announced on Saturday. The animated short “Bird on the Peninsula” (“Hant no Tori”) by Atsushi Wada took home the Grand Prize for Short Animation, while “lizuna Fair” by Sumito Sakakibara was named Best Non-Narrative Short.

From September 21 to September 25, OIAF 2022 was held in a number of locations in Ottawa. The anime films Konigiri-Kun Parasol by Mari Miyazawa and Hiroyuki Mizoguchi’s Fluffy Hour: PuiPui & MuuMuu “Selfish GyuGyu” competed in the Young Audiences Category for ages three and up and the Young Audiences Category for ages seven and up, respectively. The festival also featured a number of films in its animated series competition, although no Japanese animations were shown.

At the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in March, dozens of Norths took home the Excellence Award. The movie received the Contrechamp honor in the June Annecy International Animation Film Festival of this year. 2013 saw the OIAF short film “Kojiki Hyuga hen” (The Hyuga Episode of Kojiki) compete.

The “Bird on the Peninsula” short, directed by Atsushi Wada and produced by France’s Miyu Productions and Japan’s New Deer, had its world debut on February 11 at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival and received a special mention from the jury.

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