Dyanmic Pro Pen ‘Ken no Oni’ 1-Shot Manga for Young Magazine by Go Nagai

On this Monday, The Kodansha’s Young Magazine revealed that Go Nagai and his Dynamic Pro studio will pen a new one-shot manga titled “Ken no Oni” (Sword Demon) on this year’s 40th issue. The manga will have 47 pages long. It will also celebrate the magazine’s 40th anniversary.


The manga is about a legendary master swordsmen Miyamoto Musashi and his opponent Sasaki Kojiro. In this manga, we will see their hatred for each other. We will also see their backstory.

About Nagai

In 1967, Nagai released a manag with Meakashi Polikichi, After this, he keep on creating different kind of classic and genre defining works. His some manga’s are Cutie Honey, Devilman, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo and Harenchi Gakuen.

In some recent recent years, he was continued to pen new spin offs, such as his ongoing Devilman Saga manga. The autobiographical Gekiman! manga was also serialized. Its about the creation of his various notable titles.

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