Gucci Mane – CEO Flow

Watch official video and lyrics of CEO Flow song. CEO FLow song has been published on Gucci Mane Official YouTube channel.

Gucci Mane – CEO Flow Official Video


Gucci Mane – CEO Flow Lyrics


I fly to Dubai so much, I need a camel or somethin’ (Wow)
So fly I might need me a camera (Ching)
Pour out my heart, talk shop with the mammals (Skrrt)
Shitted on the parking lot, might need a Pamper or somethin’
Hands on my dick like a ransom or somethin’ (Mwah)
Countin’ up money romantic to her (Racks)

Think I might purchase her panties or somethin’
Her man is a bum and she still in the slums (Slums)
All these guns like the Navy or somethin’
People lookin’ at me like I’m crazy or somethin’ (Crazy)
Plus all this ice on my arm

When you come from where I’m from, a nigga gotta stay with a gun (Pow)
Stackin’ up M’s like I’m savin’ for somethin’ (Stackin’)
Hitters tote guns and don’t tote ‘еm for fun
Pay a lil’ somethin’ just to play in her gums (Racks)
Drop a few crumbs and I sprayеd on her tongue

Upper echelon, in a three-seat coupe (Uh)
This a concept one-of-one, I still got two (Woo)
Ridin’ down Peachtree in a three-piece suit (Woo)
And I’m ’bout to write my name on the cement too (Gucci)
Gucci Billy Bathgate, scandalous as Watergate
Heard that the street dry, tryna make the dam break (Water)
Open up a new trap, doublin’ my fan base

Whippin’ up shake, I done made it a pancake (Whip it)
Diamonds so big, I don’t even want a handshake (Clean)
Grew up so broke, when we finished the mayonnaise (Damn)
Cleaned out the jar, made a glass for the Kool-Aid
Mom went to work, made it skrrt with a two-way
Unc’ in the du-rag, he parkin’ the dually
He ain’t even have to rip me up to do it

Think I’m the coach ’cause I’m pointin’, they shootin’
Stay out my business, find somethin’ safe to do (Bow)
We ball like we hoopin’, we robbin’, we lootin’
We braggin’, we boastin’, we causin’ commotion (Go)
My niggas got motion, it’s potent, we smokin’
Pollutin’ the bales and you know I’ma move it
He ain’t even have to rip me up to do it (No)

Tag on his toe and they filled him with fluid
Pull up in a Buick, my lawyer, he Jewish
Sell weed like I grew it, I grew here, you flew here
Can tell that you new here, shoot guns like it’s New Year’s
Yeah, we went to school with you, I never knew you
Recruited a shooter, he don’t pray to Buddah (Yeah)
TEC with a coolant, get smoked like a hookah

Jump off the jet with a big ol’ bazooka
‘Rari so fast I be racin’ the trooper (Skrrt)
Two mil’ for the Richard, replacin’ the Muller
R.I.P. Grady’s, we chasin’ the moolah (Grady’s)
Earrings are boogers, they hit like Zab Judah (Zab)
Black as a Zulu, a Mille, not a Muller
Young ho so burnt that she look like a cougar (She burnt)
Gucci too turnt, now he think that he bougie (It’s Gucci)

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