In English, Kenta Shinohara’s Witch released by Viz Media, Manga Plus

The first chapter of the Kenta Shinohara’s is published by the Manga Plus and Viz Media which can be watched on this Sunday. On February 14, the second chapter of Kenta Shinohara’s will be launch.


There is a boy who has a strength of an ogre. His name is Morihito. He is going to live with his childhood friend. Her friend name is Niko. She is training to be a witch. During training, Niko magic leads all sorts of unpredictable trouble. They will have different kind of fun while experiencing all the new magic spells. This manga will give you a lots of laugh. This comedy series is by Kenta Shinohara who is also a creator of Sket Dance and Astra Lost in Space.

Release Date

The manga was launched in this year’s 10th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump by the Shinohara on Monday.

Other Manga Of Shinohara

Sket Dance

In the Weekly Shonen Jump, Shinohara published the Sket Dance manga from 2007 to 2013. In 2011 to 2012, the manga inspired a television anime and an OVA in 2013. It is aired on the Crunchyroll

Astra Lost in Space Manga

Astra Lost in Space Manga is a award – winning manga by Shinohara’s. It ran on the Shonen Jump+ website and app in 2016 to 2917. It has five volumes. it is also release in English by Viz Media. In July 2019, it got television anime adaptation in which it has 12 episodes. Anime has been streamed in the Funimation.

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