Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer, Cast And Summary


Jumanji : The Next Level Trailer-

Jumanji : The Next Level

Jumanji third movie is going to come in our nearest theatres. The title of Jumanji 3 movie is Jumanji : The next Level. The trailer of Jumanji : The next Level is here.



Jumanji: The Next Level is the squeal of 2017 film Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle. It is a Fantasy, Adventure and Comedy movie which will be release in 2019.

In Jumanji : The Next Level, Spencer kept all the pieces of the Jumanji Video Game which we have seen in the previous movie, Jumanji : Welcome to the jungle. He repaired the game again under the basement of his grandfather’s hoouse and went inside to play the game.

His all friend came to see him and found that he enter to Jumanji again. To rescue him, they all have to go back again so they entered in Jumanji again.

The big twist happens when they entered the game and found that they have different character now and its a different game now.

They played the game and fought with different creatures and found the Spencer. At the end, they were able to kill the boss and came back to the normal world.

Spencer got her girl friend back and they were eating in a restaurant happily but suddenly they saw that the creatures of Jumanji came to their world. From here, new story of Jumanji movie will start.


The spencer was missing when they came out of the game so they decide to re-enter the Jumanji to save Spencer.

Spencer Grandfather Eddie and his friend Milo Walker also got sucked into the game. After this, they all have an adventure ride during the game.

Their mission is to save Spencer and escape out of Jumanji.

Release Date

Jumanji : The Next Level is going to release on 13 December 2019.


The cast of Jumanji : The Next Level are-

Director And Writer

Jumanji : The Next Level director is Jake Kasdan and It is written by Jake Kasdan , Jeff Pinker , and Scott Rosenberg.


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