Kōsei Eguchi, a manga creator of Kimio Alive, Passes Away at 23

On Sunday, The editorial department for Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine announced that Kosei Eguchi who is the manga creator of Kimio Alive has passed away on August 19 at the age of 23.

On August 17, Eguchi was hospitalized with an emergency. He passed away after two days later. The cause of death didn’t got revealed yet.

Kosei Eguchi was the greatest manga creator. He created a manga under the penname PEYO with the Boy Meets Maria manga in 2018. The manga has been published by Printemps Shuppan.

In October 2019, Kimino Alive manga has been launched by the Eguchi in Monthly Shonen Magazine. The manga wasn’t finished. The first volume of this manga has been published by Kodansha on April 16. On August 17, the second volume of the manga has been published.

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