Midnight Rendezvous, I Fell for My Friend’s Older Sister, and My Older Sister’s Friend is Annoying are all licensed by Irodori Comics.

I Fell for My Friend’s Older Sister + My Older Sister’s Friend is Annoying and Midnight Rendezvous are two manga that the publisher Irodori Comics announced it has licensed on Friday.

In October, Irodori Aqua, the all-ages localization imprint of Irodori Comics, will make available digital versions of Azusa Kina’s I Fell for My Friend’s Older Sister + My Older Sister’s Friend is Annoying (Tomodachi no Nee-chan ni Koishita Hanashi to Nee-chan no Tomodachi ga Uzai Hanashi) manga on its website and other platforms. The manga is 135 pages long. The story is described by the corporation as follows:

Rio is kind, caring, and ladylike—all qualities Haruto looks for in a girl. The only issue is that she is the elder sister of his best friend, Nao, and he worries that because of their different ages, he isn’t even on her radar. Haruto will need to do everything it takes to establish his manhood in Rio’s eyes if he wants to be considered more than just her younger brother’s playmate. Sena is a loudmouthed buddy of Rio’s who is too curious for her own good, and Nao feels upset with her. The fact that mom can’t perceive him as anything other than a little child, though, frustrates him more than her continual bugging. Can he give her some direction?

Kina started posting the manga’s stories on social media before collecting them into a single volume that debuted on April 8 in Japan.

Midnight Rendezvous (Yukizuri Midnight), a manga by Banjyaku, will be made available digitally in October by Irodori Sakura, the English translation brand of Irodori Comics’ Japanese djinshi.

According to the business, the following is how the tale is told:

Even when Goro takes his family on vacation, he can’t escape his family’s continual ridicule. When he goes to use the baths, he sees a bearded, macho, huge specimen of a guy, which damages his ego and fills him with a sense of inadequacy. But later, the same man gives him the choice to change his feelings and start acting more like an apex predator.

The comic was self-published by Banjyaku on July 20.

Update: Irodori Comics has increased the book’s page count from 56 to the proper number 135, I Fell for My Friend’s Older Sister + My Older Sister’s Friend is Annoying.

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