My Love Tale! For a new two-chapter manga, the manga duo reunites.

Uso ka Makoto ka Yume ka Koi (Is This Love a Lie, the Truth, or a Dream?) is a new two-chapter manga that will debut in the magazine’s next edition on October 28. This information was made public in the November issue of Shueisha’s Cocohana magazine.

The main character of the manga is Minori, a young woman who is determined not to be duped by her genial employer Kasuga, with whom she believes she would not get along.

My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!) is a manga that Kawahara and Aruko previously collaborated on. In Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret Sister magazine in October 2011, they published the original 100-page edition of the romantic comedy shjo manga series. The manga later made a comeback in Bessatsu Margaret as a serialized work. In July 2016, the manga came to an end. The manga’s 13 volumes were all released in North America by Viz Media.

In April 2015, a live-action film adaptation appeared, while in October, an anime television version aired.

The English-dubbed anime series was made available on home video by Sentai Filmworks.

In North America, High School Debut by Kawahara was also published by Viz Media. Aozora Yell, Sensei!, and Kawahara’s High School Debut manga all spawned live-action film adaptations that premiered in Japan in April 2011, August 2016, and October 2017, respectively.

In Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine in June 2019, Aruko and Wataru Hinekure began the My Love Mix-Up! (Kieta Hatsukoi) manga and concluded it on June 13.

The manga’s ninth and last collected book volume was made available by Shueisha on July 25.

The fourth volume of the manga, which is being released in English by Viz Media, was released on July 5. A live-action series with a Japanese premiere in October 2021 was inspired by the manga. The series was aired in English on Viki in December 2021.

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