New Koboreru Yoru ni Manga by Perfect World’s Rie Aruga is released.

On Saturday, Kodansha’s Kiss magazine published Rie Aruga’s (Perfect World) new manga, Koboreru Yoru ni (Shelter of Love), for the first time.

The narrative centers on orphanage survivors Yoru and Tenjaku (English name romanization unconfirmed). Yoru, who had experienced domestic abuse from her mother, entered the orphanage at the age of 10. Yoru was cared for in the orphanage by Tenjaku, who was Yoru’s age. After some time, Yoru is now a second-year high school student who is still in love with Tenjaku.

The Kj Yakei (The Skyline From the Factory) manga by Ariga debuted on February 24 and finished on April 14. The “social awareness” manga focuses on the friendship between two childhood friends who have a love that transcends simple expressions of “I like you” and endures through unfavorable circumstances.

In February 2015, Aruga began the Perfect World manga in Kiss magazine, and it ran until January 2021.

12 collected book volumes for the manga were released by Kodansha. In April 2019, the manga received a nomination for the 43rd annual Kodansha Manga Awards. The English-language manga was published both physically and digitally by Kodansha Comics.

In October 2018, a live-action version of the book debuted in Japan. The movie’s first weekend box office haul of 17,380,800 yen (about $153,800) placed it at #4 in Japan. In April 2019, Fuji TV and Kansai TV debuted a live-action series based on the manga.

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