Review: Rosario + Vampire Season 1 Episode 3 – “Witch Girl and a Vampire”


In the third episode of “Rosario + Vampire,” titled “Witch Girl and a Vampire,” the series continues to explore the supernatural adventures of Tsukune Aono and his newfound friends at Yokai Academy. This installment introduces a new character while delving deeper into the mysteries of the school and the relationships between its inhabitants.

Plot Summary

“Witch Girl and a Vampire” follows Tsukune and his classmates as they encounter the enigmatic witch Yukari Sendo, who possesses exceptional magical abilities. As they befriend Yukari and learn more about her troubled past, they find themselves caught up in a series of misadventures and comedic escapades. Meanwhile, tensions rise as the presence of a witch at Yokai Academy sparks conflict among the students, leading to humorous and heartwarming moments as Tsukune and his friends navigate the complexities of their supernatural school.

Character Dynamics

Central to the episode’s plot is the dynamic between Tsukune and Yukari, whose friendship blossoms amidst the chaos of Yokai Academy. Yukari’s mischievous nature and insecurities add depth to her character, while Tsukune’s kindness and empathy shine through as he reaches out to her in friendship. The episode also delves into the relationships between the other characters, such as Moka’s protective instincts towards Tsukune and Kurumu’s jealousy towards Yukari, adding layers of complexity to their interactions.

Themes and Messages

“Witch Girl and a Vampire” explores themes of acceptance, friendship, and overcoming prejudice as Tsukune and his classmates confront their own biases and preconceptions about witches. Through their interactions with Yukari, they come to understand that true acceptance comes from embracing diversity and recognizing the value of each individual’s unique talents and abilities. The episode also touches on the importance of forgiveness and second chances, as Yukari learns to let go of her past and embrace the friendships that await her at Yokai Academy.

Animation and Visuals

The animation in “Witch Girl and a Vampire” maintains the high standard set by previous episodes, with vibrant colors, fluid movements, and detailed character designs bringing the world of Yokai Academy to life. The comedic moments are enhanced by expressive facial animations and exaggerated reactions, adding to the overall charm of the episode. Additionally, the magical sequences involving Yukari showcase the creative use of visual effects and animation techniques, further immersing viewers in the fantastical world of the series.


In conclusion, “Rosario + Vampire” Season 1 Episode 3 delivers another entertaining installment that blends humor, supernatural elements, and heartfelt moments with ease. Through its engaging plot, endearing characters, and charming animation, the episode continues to captivate viewers and deepen their investment in the world of Yokai Academy. As Tsukune and his classmates learn to embrace diversity and overcome their differences, they pave the way for a brighter future filled with friendship, acceptance, and magical adventures.

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