Sweet Guy Manhwa

“Sweet Guy” is an adult manhwa (Korean comic) written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Youngchan. The story follows the life of a young man named Go Ho-Sang, who works as a part-timer in a convenience store.

Go Ho-Sang is an average guy with no luck when it comes to relationships or interactions with women. One day, he accidentally comes into contact with a meteorite fragment, which causes a strange and supernatural phenomenon to occur. Whenever he becomes sexually aroused, he gains incredible abilities and becomes incredibly attractive to women.

This newfound power completely changes Go Ho-Sang’s life. He now finds himself in various compromising and intimate situations with women who are irresistibly drawn to him due to his newfound charm and allure. As he navigates through these unusual encounters, Go Ho-Sang’s once mundane and uneventful life turns into a thrilling adventure filled with romance, humor, and adult content.

Throughout the manhwa, Go Ho-Sang tries to come to terms with his new abilities and deal with the consequences of his encounters. The story explores themes of relationships, desires, and the complexities of human emotions, all while maintaining a comedic and lighthearted tone.

“Sweet Guy” gained popularity for its unique premise, engaging storytelling, and mature content. However, like many adult manhwa, it contains explicit scenes and mature themes, so it is intended for mature audiences only.

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