Valentine Week

Valentine Week is the week of lovers which start from 7th of February and end on the 14th February. This is the week of the year in which lovers can feel love in the air. Some people use this week to confront their feeling to their crush. While some who are already in a relationship use this week to express this week to make their partners feel special. They spend each day to make their lover feel special.

Each day has a specific significance. Know Everything about the Valentines week and also see the top Whatsapp status, messages and Quotes for each Day.

1. Rose Day

Rose day is one of the day of Valentine week. This day is celebrated on 7th of February. People express their love by giving flower to their love ones. Different color of flower represent different meaning. Like red rose are associated with romance, yellow roses are given to friends and white ones – that signify peace – to people you may be fighting with.

2. Propose Day

On 8th of February, Propose Day is celebrated in all over the world. On this day, people express their love to their love one. This day is basically famous for only to express their feelings to their crushes. Many love stories get started on this day. People got courage to propose their love ones on this day. Maybe its in the air on that day. Full valentine week is a magical week.

3. Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is the third day of Valentine week. It is celebrated on 9th of February. This day is pretty famous among girls because this is the day when they expect chocolates from their love ones. Whereas, boys on this day purchase different types of chocolates to impress their lover and to see happiness in their lover faces. Its not always like this that boys gives chocolates, girl’s are also participating equally in this. They are also giving chocolate to their love ones.

4. Teddy Day

Teddy Day is the fourth day of the Valentine Week. It is celebrated on 10th February. From the name we can assume that this day is all about the teddy. Partners used to give each other teddy. We can expect a big smile on a girl face when she see a cute teddy provided by you.

5. Promise Day

Promise day is the fifth day of Valentine’s Day. This day is celebrated on 11th February. On this day, a person used to promise or asked for a promise from their love ones. They both got some cute and lovely promises from each other.

6. Hug Day

Hug Day is the sixth day of the Valentine week which is on the 12th February. This is the when a lover can seek for the hug from their love ones. Hugging your love is the warmth feeling that you can feel in the arms of that special person only.

7. Kiss Day

Kiss day is the sixth day of the Valentine Weeks which is on the 13th February. This is the when a person can expect to kiss or to get a kiss from their lover. This is the previous day from the Valentine Day.

8. Valentines Day

Valentines day is the day of love which is celebrated on 14th of February. This is last day of the valentines week. On this day, couples usually go on a date and express their love by sharing gifts.

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