Why “No Time To Die” moved all the way to Thanksgiving? Whats the new releasing date?


The James Bond movie whose title is NO TIME TO DIE whose release date was in April has been postponed to November. It looks likes fans has to wait more to see James Bond some action.

The 25th James Bond whose time is No time to die is going to release on Thanksgiving now in the month of November.

At this moment the corona virus which is spreading all over the world maybe the main reason of postponing the release of this movie by MGM and Universal’s Decision.

Due to Corona Virus many peoples locked themselves in their own houses and everyone is avoiding physical contact to any stranger. So during this time most of the fans will not be going to watch movies on theater.

Not only No Time To Die movie has been postponed, Universal also postponed the release of Trolls: World Tour up a week to open in April slot . Movie likes “Mulans” and “Black Widow” may also got postponed got predicted by the current situation.

The James Bond movie will be released in November which will be the biggest live action Thanksgiving gift anyone can ever have. So fans has to wait more but by seeing the trailer the wait is worthwhile.

Not only Corona Virus is the only reason of postponing the release of “No Time To Die” but Due to “Lethal Weapon 2” and “Batman” got licence in summer season, the 007 movie didn’t got the licence in summer and has to postponed in winter . But it got pushed back to November due to some similar action sequence to James Cameron’s True Lies.

I hope the Movie “No Time To Die” which got postponed from 8 April 2020 to November 2020 will not get any more postponed and we don’t have to wait anymore.

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