Yoshinori Ono ( Street Fighter Game Producer ) Leaves CAPCOM This Summer

On this Sunday, Yoshinori Ono ( Executive Producer of Street Fighter Series ) announced that he is leaving CAPCOM in this summer. He will also resign as a brand manager for Street Fighter as well as other titles.

In his announcement, Yoshinori Ono also assured the remaining staff will maintain the franchise’s legacy. He also said that, Like a normal Gamer’s, he is also looking forward for the the future of Street Fighter Game.

About Yoshinori Ono

In 1994, Yoshinori Ono joined CAPCOM. He worked on sound for several titles such as Street Fighter Zero. He got promoted and became the sound manager and sound director for various version of Street Fighter 3.

He also work as a producer role in the Shadow of Rome and Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. He also worked as Onimusha and Monster Hunter on such Franchises

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