The Legend Of Fenris

Official Trailer

Watch The Legend Of Fenris Official Trailer and also know the release date and cast. Scroll down to watch the official trailer, cast and release date of The Legend of Fenris.

The Legend Of Fenris Release Date

The Legend of fenris will be release on 17 August 2020.


The Legend of Fenris movie is based on an American Comic book in which two fictional characters whose names are Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker.

They both are the twin children of Baron Strucker of Hydra and half-siblings of Werner von Strucker. It is a television series based on Marvels Comics X Men.

When these both twins were inside their mother, their genes were genetically modified. Because of this, they got new powers. In this movie, we will see what they can do with their powers when they both held hands. Power of twins got increased when they both held hands.

But this movie is not about Andrea and Andreas. This movie is about a new generation. The new Siblings who have the same power. A family with two kids. They both had the same power as Andrea Von Strucker and Andreas Von Strucker.

His dad knows about this history of old siblings of German kids from an old guy that his kids are having the same power as them. He got worried about his kids. He tried to separate them from each other so that they both don’t know about their powers.

But eventually, her daughter started to show some symptoms of her power. After some time his son remembered about all his powers and asked her sister to join her. Her sister holds her hand and they showed their powers.

The Legend Of Fenris : Cast

  • Reed Strucker.
  • Caitlin Strucker.
  • Marcos Diaz / Eclipse.
  • Lauren Strucker.
  • Andy Strucker.
  • Jace Turner.
  • Clarice Fong / Blink.
  • John Proudstar / Thunderbird

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