The Legend Of Fenris

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Official Trailer

The Legend Of Fenris Release Date

The Legend of fenris will be release on 17 August 2020.


The Legend Of Fenris : Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast & More
The Legend Of Fenris

The Legend of Fenris movie is based on an American Comic book in which two fictional characters whose names are Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker.

They both are the twin children of Baron Strucker of Hydra and half-siblings of Werner von Strucker. It is a television series based on Marvels Comics X Men.

When these both twins were inside their mother, their genes were genetically modified. Because of this, they got new powers. In this movie, we will see what they can do with their powers when they both held hands. Power of twins got increased when they both held hands.

But this movie is not about Andrea and Andreas. This movie is about a new generation. The new Siblings who have the same power. A family with two kids. They both had the same power as Andrea Von Strucker and Andreas Von Strucker.

His dad knows about this history of old siblings of German kids from an old guy that his kids are having the same power as them. He got worried about his kids. He tried to separate them from each other so that they both don’t know about their powers.

But eventually, her daughter started to show some symptoms of her power. After some time his son remembered about all his powers and asked her sister to join her. Her sister holds her hand and they showed their powers.

The Legend Of Fenris : Cast

  • Reed Strucker.
  • Caitlin Strucker.
  • Marcos Diaz / Eclipse.
  • Lauren Strucker.
  • Andy Strucker.
  • Jace Turner.
  • Clarice Fong / Blink.
  • John Proudstar / Thunderbird

Fenris Comics

Two made-up individuals known as Fenris (Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker) may be found in American comic books printed by Marvel Comics. They are Werner von Strucker’s half-brothers, the German twin offspring of HYDRA supervillain Baron Strucker, and they are also Werner von Strucker’s children.

The Gifted features the two individuals.

Characters Biography

The fictitious characters Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker both appear in American comic books produced by Marvel Comics as Fenris. They are the half-siblings of Werner von Strucker and the German twin offspring of HYDRA supervillain Baron Strucker.

In The Gifted, the two individuals are present.

The von Strucker twins, who were created by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr., originally debuted in Uncanny X-Men #194 (June 1985) as their civilian selves and in Uncanny X-Men #200 (December 1985) as Fenris.

The terrorist group HYDRA’s commander Baron Wolfgang von Strucker’s children are Andrea and Andreas. The two were genetically altered while still in their mother’s womb, giving them the ability to employ bio-energy powers while they are in close proximity to one another (usually when holding hands). Strucker taught his kids to support white supremacy, Nazism, and the Fourth Reich. The twins later grew up to be the “Fenris” supervillains and ran the Fenris terrorist group.

They are white nationalists, just like their father. When Storm thwarts Andreas’s attempted assault on an African native lady, the Strucker twins have to contend with Storm. In retaliation for Storm making fun of her brother, Andrea shoots Storm in the head and leaves her to perish. The Strucker twins hate Magneto for his part in the seeming demise of their father a few years after World War II. When the International Court of Justice is holding its trial for crimes against humanity in Paris, they engage in terrorist attacks before attacking Magneto.

Fenris escapes by letting themself to be washed into the ancient city sewers when the X-Men stop their attempted assassination. Later, when the mutant telepath the Gamesmaster and the former Black Queen Selene of the Hellfire Club are playing a game, the twins reappear as members of a club of mutant millionaires who engage in a murderous campaign. The twins made unsuccessful attempts to get Omega Red for the Upstarts. In the end, when the twins attempted to assassinate Wolfsbane of the New Mutants, they were defeated. The twins were soundly defeated by Wolfsbane and the X-Factor squad.

The twins attended a gathering of ruthless crime bosses with the goal of dividing up what was remained of the Kingpin’s crumbling empire. The Slug, Hammerhead, Tombstone, and Werner von Strucker were among the attendees at the meeting. The twins didn’t think Werner was really their brother or sister. This debate, along with others, led to the conference turning into a yelling, shooting, and blasting match. Hammerhead was saved when Fenris tried to murder him. Soon after, their father, who was attending the conference as Werner’s assistant, kills their brother. When the twins reappeared, Baron Strucker was working alongside them. They battle Citizen V, but Andrea learns that the villain is actually Helmut Zemo’s transplanted consciousness, housed in the body of the original Citizen V, which had its head severed by Nomad on Henry Peter Gyrich’s instructions. To prevent Andrea from disclosing the information to anybody, Zemo immediately murders her.


Fenris have been genetically modified to be able to fly and produce energy blasts using their X-Genes while still in utero, but only while they are holding hands. When they are holding hands, Andreas can produce disintegration beams while Andrea can produce blasts of concussive force. His main sword blade is encased in an adamantium alloy and has the ability to fire a projectile that resembles a grappling hook. The Swordsman wields a variety of concealed blades. In order to unleash potent bioelectric blasts of concussive energy, his sword’s hilt is wrapped in Andrea’s skin.

Andrea and Andreas were spotted supporting their father in a resistance against both mutants and the Kree during the House of M reality. They are both slain in battle.

The androgynous mutant twins Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker from the Ultimate Marvel comics desire mutant dominion through economic dominance as German business tycoons. They can emit heat blasts when they contact one another. Co-Presidents of Fenris International, an international investment corporation, they are actively engaged in corporate crime to “end the economic supremacy of Homo sapiens” while posing as a respectable investment banking firm with headquarters in the Empire State Building.. They are also seen to be in love.


They have connections to Black Tom Cassidy and have made attempts to hire Gambit and Rogue; Rogue declined the offer, while Gambit, who was already working for them, rebelled to aid Rogue in escaping. The twins and the brains behind the initial batch of mutant-hunting robots are revealed to be responsible for the current Sentinel attacks. They have ties to the Mutant Liberation Front, which has also been made public. The twins seemed to be slain during their conflict with Bishop’s X-Men squad as a result of their involvement with the Sentinels and the Mutant Liberation Front.

The animated episode “Widow’s Sting” of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes mentions Fenris as Baron Strucker’s code name for the HYDRA Island self-destruct sequence.

Fenris are represented by Paul Cooper and Carsten Norgaard as Andreas von Strucker and Caitlin Mehner and Julia Farino as Andrea von Strucker, respectively, in the television series The Gifted (older).¬†Andreas and Andrea are two mutant terrorists who were active in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Andrea has the ability to create molecular forcefields, while Andrea has destructive telekinesis. When they come into contact, they can both release destructive light energy. After years of study on his own son Reed Strucker, Otto Strucker (Andreas’ son and Andrea’s nephew), who is horrified by what the two are doing, is able to suppress the X-Gene and stop the threat from resurfacing. Lauren and Andy Strucker, however, inherit the same skills as their great-grandfather and his sister.


In the 1998 movie Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sandra Hess’ character Viper was portrayed by Andrea von Strucker. This variation belonged to Werner von Strucker’s half-family.

The names Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker appear on William Stryker’s roster of mutants in the 2003 movie X2.

The Strucker brothers were initially expected to make an appearance as the Hellfire Club’s new Inner Circle members in the 2019 movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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