A new Crossbone Gundam manga by Yichi Hasegawa about Karras has been released.

The next edition of Kadokawa’s Gundam Ace magazine, which comes out on October 26, will introduce a new manga in Yichi Hasegawa’s Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam series named Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Karras. The titular Karras, a Jupiter Empire agent, will be the main subject of the manga. A teaser of the manga was shared on Twitter by the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam series’ official account.

The Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Karras manga is referred to in the magazine’s preview as the “first manga,” with subsequent comics centered on other series characters perhaps in the works.

Kid Senshi Crossbone Gundam X-11 by Hasegawa just came to a conclusion on June 24. The manga for Gundam Ace was released by Hasegawa in June 2021. On February 25, Kadokawa released the first volume of the manga’s compilation book. On Monday, the second volume of the manga’s compilation book was delivered.

Kid Senshi Cross Born Gundam Dust was released by Hasegawa in July 2016’s Monthly Gundam Ace. The “bone” in the previous titles is then changed to “born” in the most current episode of the venerable Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam series. The manga takes place during the hitherto unrepresented year UC 0169. The 13th and final volume of the manga was released by Kadokawa in March 2021.

The original Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam manga by Hasegawa debuted in the first issue of Kadokawa’s Shnen Ace magazine in 1994 and ran until 1997. The Mobile Suit Gundam F91 anime film was directly followed by that series.

From 2003 to 2004, Hasegawa published the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Skull Heart manga short tales in Gundam Ace. From 2006 to 2007, the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Steel Seven manga was published in Gundam Ace. In 2012, Hasegawa debuted Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost in Gundam Ace, and it ran until 2016.

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