act Age

Act Age is a Japanese Manga Series which is written by Tatsuya Matsuki and it is been illustrated by Shiro Usazaki. It has been released in January 2018 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. First three chapters has been published by Viz Media. It’s English version has been published on Shueisha on Manga Plus on January 2019.


Its a story of a young high school girl, who lives with her two sibblings. Her father left them and their mother died. She is a talented girl. She has a marvelous acting talent to the point where she loses the track of reality while acting.

This extreme talent has some side effects also. On some act, these kind of acting of this intensity could be self destructive and this is the reason why she wasn’t getting selected. But her acting got better when a directed Sumki Kuroyama who steps forward and bring out her true potential.


  • Kei Yonagi – A gorgeous high school girl who is raising her sibblings Rui and Rei on her own.
  • Sumji Kuroyama – He is a director and the founder of Studio Daikokuten.
  • Yuki Hiiragi – She is an assistant director and filmmaker at Studio Daikokuter.
  • Chiyoko Momoshiro – She is a famous actor from the stars agency.
  • Arisa Hoshi – She is the founder and CEO of the stars agency
  • Akira Hoshi – He is an actor from the stars agency and the son of Arisa Hoshi

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