Beyblade : Metal Fusion Anime Primo TV Adds

On Tuesday, Primo TV official Instagram account that they are airing the Beyblade : Metal Fusion anime. This anime will be in English Dub. Check the TV guide website who have channel to see when the show will be aired in your region.

Beyblade Primo TV Adds

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Release Date

Takafumi Adachi’s Metal Fight Beyblade manga has been adapted to this anime. It has been premiered in 2009 in Japan. In United States, anime has been premiered in June 2010 on Cartoon Network. In Canada, the anime was premiered on YTV in May 2010.

Beyblade : Metal Fusion, Beyblade : Metal Masters, Beyblade : Metal Fury, and Beyblade : Shogun Steel has been inspired by Spinoff manga.

The anime has been aired in English dubbed and subbed in U.S network. It is aimed at Hispanic children. In some region, the channel is only available. The English dub of the new Captain Tsubasa anime has been aired in August 2018. Past March, the dub of the B-Daman CrossFire anime has been premiered.

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