Bitcoins New Price Due to Whales Shakedown Weak Hands?

In Monday the price of bitcoins got decreased from from $9100 to $7800 tier. Bitcoins dumping was already posted on Social media in Sunday but the real proof was seen in Monday. More than $21 million of first sale was noted which is extremely large.

But this was not the only thing that was shocking but also BTC was sold at $7,850 and $7800 which awas total more than $11 million and the fluidity in BTC were much lower as compare to volumes.

Did Before Buying again, Whales Shakedown Weak Hands?

When the Whales sold which might possibly shook down the weak hands and again buying it at lower price may turned the tides. After the previous trades, in a minute $4 million BTC were bought.

This selling and buying not only affect the BTC but also Bitfinex got affected for the week. Now seller of Bitfinex will get expanded all over the weel and Whales may be doing that.

Bitcoins fell from 41 points to 17 points in the last 24 hours. Trading volumes got increased and cross the $47 billion.

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