D-Day 2021 Spirit Of Remembrance Lives On

A veteran attending a ceremony in Charenton commemorating the 77th anniversary of the assault that help bringing an end to World War 2. This year D-day commemorations under the Coronavirus pandemic is taking place with travel restrictions. That will prevent veterans or families of fallen soldiers from US, Britain and other allied countries for making the trip to France. Only few exceptions were allowed.

Shay who was a 19 year old U.S. Army medic when he landed on Omaha Beach on June 6th 1944. Right now he lives in Normandy. Today he recalls the many good friends he lost on the battle during world war 2. He also regretted that the pandemic is interrupting everything. He said “we have no visitors coming to France this year for 2 years now and I hope it will be over soon.”

From next week, France is planning to open the vaccinated visitors comes to but its late for D-day anniversary. The second year in a row, the Commercial events have been cancelled. A few Solemn ceremonies have been maintained within dignitaries, and few gets are only allowed to visit.

However this year, Local residence residence are coming in great numbers then the last year. This year France lifted the internal virus restriction last month.
In Normandy, Some French and some World War 2 history interests from neighboring European countries are also Gathered.

Shay said “In France, people who remember these man’s, they kept them close to there heart and remember what they did for them. And I don’t think the French people will ever forget it.

In the field in Colleville-Montgomery , Many vehicles with World War 2 Signs, From motorcycles to jeeps and truck have been gathered on this Saturday to parade down the nearby roads along Sword Beach to the sound of a pipe end. As well as American flags have been watched in those vehicles.

Pascal Leclerc who is a member of the remember Omaha beach 44 group said ” We missed it a lot. That’s just fun, happiness, and also being able to pay tribute to all the vegetarians. That’s the main goal.

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