The Boy and the Beast Movie Gets Musical

The boy and the beast anime movie finally get a musical by the Shiki Theatre company. This event will occur on April 30, 2022, at the Autumn Theater in the JR East Shiki Theater in Tokyo.

Go Aoki directs the musical, and Chikae Takahashi writes the script and the lyrics. For young versions of Kyuta, Ichirohiko and Jiromaru, the company is looking for child actors.

In July 2015, At the Japanese box- office, the film debuted at #1. Hosoda’s previous film’s total box office earnings, The wolf children, has already been surpassed by the film. In Japan in 2015, It was the second-highest-grossing domestic film.

In the U.S theatre, Funimation opened the film in March 2016. They describe the film “When Kyuta, a young orphan living on the streets of Shibuya, stumbles into a fantastic world of beasts, he’s taken in by Kumatetsu, a gruff, rough-around-the-edges warrior beast who’s been searching for the perfect apprentice. Despite their constant bickering, Kyuta and Kumatetsu begin training together and slowly form a bond as surrogate father and son. But when a deep darkness threatens to throw the human and beast worlds into chaos, the strong bond between this unlikely pair will be put to the ultimate test—a showdown that who will only win if the two can finally work together using all of their combined strength and courage.”

The movie is created and scripted by Hosoda, the creator of Summer Wars and Wolf Children. The first movie of Hosoda’s is Wolf Children’s, in which he worked in Studio Chizu company as its first project. Masakatsu Takagi manages the soundtrack.

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