Devious Nanny : Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast, And More

Devious Nanny : Official Trailer


Devious Nanny is a thriller movie about a family who is having a Nanny and overprotective wife who is willing to cross any limit to protect her family. This movie was released in Spain and released in 2018.

The production of Devious Nanny is MarVista Entertainment. The movie is about of 90 minutes. In Spanish, Devious Nanny also known as The Au Pair.


Elise is the wife of Brian’s and they have a two years kid. To raise that kid, they need a Nanny so they got a Amber from a glowing recommendations. Amber was great with their kids but she had a crush on Brian and they both got physical.

Next day, Brian said to stop this non sense but she want to continue. Then suddenly they had some cops to their house who were investigating about the death of Brian’s co-workers.

Biran’s and Elise had a doubt on Amber that she may be the killer but at the end, Elise were the killer. She want to protect her family and killed whoever tried to come close to her husband.

Elise tried to kill Nanny Amber because she came to know about Nanny Amber and Her husband Biran’s affairs. They had some serious fight at the end of the movie.


Devious Nanny : Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast, And More
  • Olesya Rulin as Amber
  • Michelle Borth as Elise
  • Antonio Cupo as Brian
  • Michael Roark as Vance
  • Skyler Wright as Jax
  • Kalilah Harris as Lori
  • Erika Ringor as detective Bennett
  • Andrew Pagana as Detective Scalese
  • Nicholas Guest as Dutros
  • Wolfgang Weber as Officer Blake
  • Justin Taite as Chalfie
  • Lisa Long as Katherine
  • Jordan James Smith as Anchorman


Devon Downs and Kenny Gage are the director and Adam Rockoff is the writer of Devious Nanny .

Release Date

Devious Nanny was released on August 11 , 2018 in Spain.

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