Don Glees, good bye! At the US box office, an anime film makes $86,000.

Goodbye, Don Glees!, an original anime film by Atsuko Ishizuka and Madhouse, reportedly made US$86,610 in cinema admissions, according to Box Office Mojo. From September 14 through September 22, the movie aired in around 416 cinemas.

The movie will be shown in cinemas across the United States on September 18 and will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles on September 14 and 20.

Don Glees, farewell! the 18th of February in Japan. This year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival, which took place in France from June 13 to 18, also featured the movie. The Canadian premiere took place during Montreal’s 26th Fantasia International Film Festival. From July 14 to August 3, the event was held. In North America, the movie is being distributed by GKIDS.

Eiko Tsunad and Akihiro Hirasawa were credited with creating the art setting, while Ayano Okamoto served as the film’s art director. The creation of the art board involved Saho Yamane. The color key artist was Harue Ono. The director of photography for compositing was Yki Kawashita. The 3D directors were Shigenori Hirozumi and Kana Imagaki. Editing was done by Kashiko Kimura. The music was created by Yoshiaki Fujisawa, who also composed the scores for No Game, No Life Zero, A Place Further Than the Universe, and Revue Starlight. Tsutomu Ueno was in charge of the sound effects, while Jin Aketagawa directed the audio.

Takahiro Yoshimatsu (A Place Further Than the Universe, Hunter Hunter, Trigun) created the characters, and Ishizuka (No Game, No Life Zero, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) directed and wrote the anime’s storyline. The movie’s distribution company is Kadokawa.

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