A Pervert’s Daily Life

A Pervert’s Daily Life is a funny 18+ Manhwa by Alice Crazy. Its a story about a girl who joined a new job and she is a addicted to masturbration. She fall in love with her mentor with whom she is living in a dorm. The story is really interesting and it will keep interesting as the chapters keep on going.


Seyong is a country side girl who joined a new gaming company. She has to live under same roof as her mentor Jinwoo. On her first day she entered in his mentor room where he was watching porn and mastubrating at the same time. It was embarrassing moment for both of them. But Jinwoo didn’t knew that Seyong is addicted to mastubration.

From next day they sit together and he teach him everything about the job and she don’t left any chance of mastubrating. After some days they both caught each other mastubrating. Jinwoo tried to ignore her because he has seen him mastubrating and whenever he saw her, it reminds her of that incident. She started thinking that he hates her.

Jiyoung Sunbae is the teammate and friend of Jinwoo. She noticed that they both are having issues with each other so she invited both of them for drinks where they both get kissed each other after Jiyoung left.

Eventually, they fall in love with each other. They both started dating for one month and they don’t leave a chance to touch each other.

Seyong also told him that she was raped when she was in second year by her senior. Because of this, she is afraid of all mens. She is afraid of men touch also but she doesn’t have any problem with Jinwoo.

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