Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 7

Senpai, Want To Go To The Festival?

In Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 7, It was a summer festival today and he is waiting for Nagatoro to invite him but he didn’t got any invitation. He don’t have gut to invite her so he directly stopped by thinking he might bump to Nagatoro. But instead of Nagatoro he bumped with her friend and they started teasing him by putting collar on his neck. They sent the picture to Nagatoro who was busy in her club activity but after seeing that pic, she ran to them. She asked for the collar from her but her friend told her that she has to get it so they started a compitition.

They started playing games. During playing games, Nagatoro asked him that is he waiting her to invite him in the Festival. He directly refused but she can see in his reaction. She said if there somewhere you want to go with someone, you could always ask for it. After playing different games, somehow Nagatoro manage to win and get her Sempai from her friends. After that her friends left both of them and they hangout together in the festival.

It’s Like A Date, Huh, Senpai

They both are hanging out and eating street food. Suddenly she asked from his that its like a date and he replied that for a date people needs to go from a proper procedure. She started teasing him and asked him to hold hand. Before he can hold hand, fireworks started and they get in the row for firework. The row is very so he took her to place from where they can see the firework. He took him there and she started teasing him by saying that is there any wrong intension of him taking her in a dark place like this. He asked him what wrong intension and she said kiss and they found that two more couples are kissing there. They both run away from their and watched fireworks from other place. Later on there way, he asked to come here again next year. She started teasing him by saying that we should matching Yukatas.

Let’s Go Home, Senpai

Nagatoro was sitting with her group and he saw them while on his way to home. Suddenly two boys joined them and started asking Nagatoro to hangout but she total denied. He came to his group and while hesitating said, lets go. Nagatoro and whole group left those both boys and went with him. While on the home to home, they all are teasing him by saying him Hentai Manga Sensei.

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