Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 6

You’re A Wimp Senpai

In Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 6, He wakes up in a new world named Chichibu Nagatoro. A girl told him that he was chosen as a savior to save them from a demon lord and he has the ability to be a great wizard. A big wizard appeared in from of him and Nekotoro’s saved him. They both started there journey to defeat the demon lord. On their journey, they were defeating demons. One time, they defeated a big dragon which turned into Gamo-chan after getting defeated and joined forces with them. A egg hatched and Yoshi came from that egg and joined their teams too.

Four of them visited demon lord castle to defeat him but demon lord was not there. Suddenly, all three girls changed and revealed that Nekotoro is the Demon Lord Magatoro , Gamo is the Demon Lord Magagamo, and Yoshi is the Demon Lord Magayoshi. Three of them started teasing him and told that he will be their new toy forever.

He was making a manga the whole time while sitting in a family cafe. All three of them saw him and approached to him. He don’t want to show his drawing to them so he put his books in his bag and straight went to home. A book was missed by him and she saw her drawing. She went after him and started asking question about his drawing while teasing him. He said that he don’t know about it. She said then I am taking this book.

Senpai! Let’s Go To The Beach

He was lying on bed, enjoying his ice cream when he got a call from Nagatoro and she invited him to go to the beach. He went to beach with Nagatoro and her friend. When they are in the beach, they all tried to tease him by showing themselves in bikini. He went to bring cold drink for himself.

All three girls went swimming while he started drawing, Nagatoro came to him and told him to join them but he said that he is afraid of getting sunburn. She showed him the sun’s cream and told him that she will use it on him but he replied that only couples should do this and we are not couple. She got angry and started putting sun’s cream on him roughly through his foot. Both of her friends also started doing same. After using all the sun’s cream, they all went on swimming and enjoyed whole day, In night, Nagatoro asked from him on call that does he got sunburned and its fun being on the beach on Summer. He replied that with all that sun’s cream he didn’t get a sunburn but his body is aching and it was fun on the beach.

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