In this episode Tsukasa has found Senku and Tsukasa asked for promise that “If I let You leave you would let civilization develop. Will you promise that you won’t do that?”

Senku said “I can’t do that”

Than Tsukasa decided to kill Senku in a single blow. Tsukasa hit on Senku neck and Senku died. Taiju was angry because of Senku death so he pick up a large rock through it upward. Yuzuriha throw a bucket full of black powder towards Tsukasa but Tsukasa seen it and dogded it by kicking the bucket.

When rock came down and hit the ground then due to black powder a blast got occurred which is done to kill Tsukasa but he survived and in the mean while

 Taiju carry Senku on his lap and start running with Yuzuriha. After some distance, Taiju try to give heart massage and going to give artificial respiration but Yuzuriha stopped him.

Then they try to figure out a way of bringing Senku live so they start thinking and came to know that Senku is not habitual of touching his neck and cracking it so they checked his necked and found that some petrification is still left and they fix it. 

After this story has gone backward in time when Senku full body is petrified and when he got out of it, some monkey has saw him and got feared by seeing Senku a shiny monkey. 

Senku started to bring civilization and first he has to discover fire again but for him its hard so he use his mind. By using different ways and failing again and again, he was able to bring fire, hunt for food, build a shelter, weapons and clothes. By seeing him, all monkey got shocked.

The episode ends here.

I hope you like this video. If you want to see any special anime than comment anime name I will make sure to reply and make next episode on that anime. Bye see you in next video.


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