Every Original Film Poster and Pamphlet is Reprinted by Studio Ghibli.

In a new merchandise collection called “Ghibli Movie Collection,” Studio Ghibli is reissuing each of the 23 feature films’ original posters and pamphlets. This comprises all 49 images that were used to advertise the movies when they were first released. These also have other drawings in addition to the well-known poster images. The original printing from the era is entirely recreated, with the exception of a few retail items.

B2 size posters are being offered. The pamphlets’ substance will remain unchanged. Pamphlets are 1,100 yen ($7) and posters are 1,320 yen (nearly $9).

The new merchandise line will be available for purchase at the Ghibli Park when it opens on November 1, but you can also purchase it via the TOHO animation online store, the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, and their respective online shops. An A4-size print file with all 49 poster images integrated will be sent with purchases above 2,000 yen (about $13.50) made through the TOHO animation store (pictured top-right).

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