Finally Arrives in North America, Life-Sized Spheal.

The Pokémon Center’s North American online store now sells the life-size Spheal plush that captured so many hearts back in July. On Monday, the plush arrived at the Pokémon Center, according to the Pokémon English Twitter account.

The cute spherical Pokémon costs US$449.99 and is larger and beefier than gamers would initially assume. Standing 2 feet and 7 inches tall, the plush is 39.4 x 38.6 x 31.5 inches (or 80 x 98 x 100 cm) in size. It likewise weights 16.4 pounds (or 7.44 kilograms).

On the website of the Pokémon Center in Japan, the plush is presently unavailable.

Other charming life-sized Pokémon that have appeared over the years include a huge Snorlax, a big Pikachu, a rideable Lapras, and a very long Furret.

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