HIDE to Watch Bibliophile Princess Anime Online.

This fall, Yui and Satsuki Shiina’s light novel series Bibliophile Princess (Mushikaburi-hime) will get a television anime adaptation that will only be available on HIDIVE, the company said on Monday.

Home video of the anime will be made available through Sentai Filmworks.

The anime will debut on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Kansai TV, and BS NTV on October 6.

Madhouse is producing an anime directed by Tarou Iwasaki (Ryoko’s Case File, One Week Friends, Sweetness & Lightning).

The character designs are created by Mizuka Takahashi (Overlord III sub-character design), while the series scripts are handled by Mitsutaka Hirota (Sweetness & Lightning, Anime-Gataris, Rent-A-Girlfriend).

Both the anime’s opening theme song “Prologue” by Yuka Iguchi and its closing theme song “Kawabyshi” by Kashitar It will be performed (Leather Binding).

The English translations of the light novel series and its manga adaptation are being published by J-Novel Club. As stated in the following quote from J-Novel Club:

Lady Elianna, a lover of books, knows the recent reports must be accurate when she sees Prince Christopher, her nominally betrothed, mingling with another noblewoman. The engagement between the prince and the person he genuinely loves will soon be dissolved because this is both unavoidable and imminent. She is unaware that this is simply a surface ripple in a vast plot that goes far beyond her wildest dreams—one of many where the truth is hidden deep.

Since September 2015, Yui has been publishing the narrative as a serial on the website Shsetsuka ni Nar (Let’s Be Novelists). In July 2016, Ichijinsha started printing the narrative with pictures by Satsuki Shiina. In August 2018, Yui Kikuta debuted a manga adaptation in the Ichijinsha publication Monthly Comic Zero-Sum.

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