The “Kinetic Novel” for Prima Doll will be a 4-Part Series in 2023.

Prima Doll, a mixed-media project by Visual Arts/Key, will have a four-part kinetic book, the project’s official website said on Saturday. 2023 will see the release of the first three parts, while 2024 will see the release of the fourth. New situations, images, and musical compositions will be included in the kinetic novel.

The first installment will be a novelized prequel that centers on Haizakura and Karasuba. The second installment will be a Hkiboshi-related prequel. The third installment will be an addition to the animation. It will also be a follow-up that depicts what happened following the Kuronekotei coffee shop in the fourth installment. .

Tya Okano, who is in charge of the anime’s script and series composition, is in charge of the kinetic novels’ primary composition. Illustration work is being done by Bibury Animation Studio.

On July 8, Tokyo MX and MBS aired the anime’s debut.

The anime is being streamed exclusively on HIDIVE in all regions outside of Asia as Sentai Filmworks obtained the rights to it. The business will also make the animation available on home video.

Azumi Waki portrays Haizakura, Tomori Kusunoki plays Karasuba, Miyu Tomita plays Gekka, Yuki Nakashima plays Hkiboshi, Akari Kit plays Retzel, Ayumu Murase plays Nagi Tma, Misaki Kuno plays Chiyo, Ayaka Suwa plays Otome Okunomiya, and Mikako Komatsu plays Ygiri in the anime.

The anime is being directed at Bibury Animation Studio by Tensho (Azur Lane, Rewrite). The series composition and script are handled by Tya Okano and KAI. Character design and principal animation director are the responsibilities of Akane Yano. The original character creators are listed as Na-Ga, Fuzichoco, Yui Hara, En Morikura, and lack.

The opening theme song “Tin Toy Melody” as well as a song from the franchise titled “Yumesaki Hare Butai” are being performed by Chat Noir, a group made up of the anime’s five primary voice actors playing their characters.

The project focuses on automata, or self-contained mechanical dolls. They are employed by Kuronekotei, a coffee shop in the imperial capital’s fifth district, which is located on a corner. However, they were first created as weapons for a significant conflict that came to an end a few years ago. Now that they have been resurrected, they are clad in gleaming kimonos.

Two separate manga adaptations of the series will be released. The first is Prima Doll New Order, which will appear on the ComicWalker and Nico Nico Seiga websites under the Kadokawa Dengeki G’s Comic manga banner. The manga will be illustrated by Yuriko Asami, who previously illustrated the Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door and Angel Beats! -The Last Operation for Visual Arts/Angel Key’s Beats! project.

On the web manga portal Comic Bushiroad, Prima Doll: Ykoso Kuronekotei e will be published. Manga will be illustrated by Daiko Toda.

The venture was declared in October 2020 by Visual Arts/Key. Kotobukiya figurines, a serialized short narrative, and web novels are all included in the project.

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