I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love Manga, Miss Akutsu, My Girlfriend’s Child, and Seven Seas Licenses Please Go Home

On Wednesday, Seven Seas announced that it has acquired the manga series Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu!, My Girlfriend’s Child, and I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love.

The first volume of Taichi Nagaoka’s manga Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! (Kaette Kudasai! Akutsu-san) will be published both physically and online by Seven Seas in March 2023.

According to the business, the following is how the tale is told:

Akutsu Riko is a legendary felon who is as beautiful as she is a troublemaker. Shy Ooyama sticks to himself at school and never gets engaged with her. But what should he do if she unexpectedly shows up at his apartment? Is he obliged to throw her out? She looks stunning! Furthermore frightening! However, things become tricky when Akutsu requests to stay the night and then repeatedly shows up after school to read Ooyama’s manga, sprawl out on his bed, and search through his stockpile of smut. Why is she using his life as her hangout if not for any reason at all? She makes it obvious that she could never like him, but in this steamy yet endearing slice-of-life rom-com, the teasing threatens to turn into something more.

In July 2019, Nagaoka published the first chapter of the manga in Young Ace Up from Kadokawa. The fifth volume of the manga’s compilation book was released by Kadokawa on June 3.

Ano Ko no Kodomo, the first volume of Mamoru Aoi’s My Girlfriend’s Child manga, will be made available both physically and online by Seven Seas in April 2023.

According to the business, the following is how the tale is told:

High school freshmen Sachi and Takara are a young pair. They hang around, go to school together, and even date in a more personal way. Sachi, on the other hand, purchases a pregnancy test after feeling uneasy following a recent night of sex. Later, she sees the two red lines that will alter her life forever in the restroom of a family restaurant located far from her home. My Girlfriend’s Child, a sensitive and open-minded examination of the reality of young pregnancy, is bound to generate discussion.

The manga was first published by Aoi in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend magazine in May 2021.

The manga’s fourth collected book volume was released by Kodansha on September 13.

In March 2023, Seven Seas will print and digitally distribute the sole volume of Minta Suzumaru’s manga I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love (Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta).

According to the business, the following is how the tale is told:

Yoshino is 30 years old and is aware that he wants to be with males, but he has no idea where to look. He learns that it’s really that simple for some individuals when he overhears several female coworkers discussing a homosexual bar. Rou, a flamboyant college student, eagerly offers to have sex with him, leading him to believe that Rou is one of those individuals. Nevertheless, despite his best attempts, Yoshino finds himself drawn to the lovely young man. After all, you can’t just sleep with the first guy who offers if you want to find Mr. Right, can you?

In December 2018, the manga made its debut in Mellow Kiss, a digital publication from Shueisha. In September 2019, Japan received the first volume of the manga’s compilation book.

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