In December, Rainbow Days’ Minami Mizuno Launches New Manga

On Friday, In December issue of Shueisha’s Bessatsyu Margaret (Betsuma) magazine revealed that Minami Mizuno is launching a new manga. The name of the new manga Hiiragi – senpai to Ofutari – sama ( Together with upperclassman Hiiragi ). It will be launched in January 2022 issue which will be shipped on December 13.

Because of a certain incident, the manga centers on Moemi ends up living with her upperclassman Hiiragi. Hiiragi is famously handsome and he seems nice in school. But he also has a mysterious side.

In May Mizuno in Betsuma end the other manga whose name is Koi o Shiranai Boku-tachi wa. In English it means We who know nothing of Love. In January 2018, this manga began with a one shot in Betsuma. It was before the time when a full serialization in June 2018. 11th and final compiled volume has been published by Shueisha on June 24.

In February 2012 issue of Bessatsu Margaret, Rainbow Days manga has been launched by Mizuno. It got ended it in March 2017. In April 2017, Shueisha published the 15th and final compiled book volume. In October 204, This manga inspired a drama CD the Shueisha bundled with a limited edition of the seventh volume. The manga inspired a television anime. It is premiered in January 2016. In Japan, Funimation streamed the anime as it is aired. In September 2016, The manga’s 13th volume then bundled an original anime DVD.

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