In Juventus’ season-opening triumph against Sassuolo, Di Maria shines and Vlahovic makes money.

Juventus’ injury-riddled team began the 2022–23 Serie A campaign with a bang as Dusan Vlahovic scored twice in a convincing 3-0 home victory against Sassuolo.

Vlahovic may have scored twice, but newcomer Angel Di Maria stole the show and gave the Allianz Stadium home crowd a thrilling display. Behind his Serbian striking partner, the Argentine was a free-flowing presence on the field. He scored the game’s first goal with a beautiful volley and displayed a lethal attacking style.

Despite being strong in the first half, Sassuolo lost its edge after the interval and offered little fight to Juventus as the hosts firmly imprinted their season opening.

After securing all three points, Juventus will now worry about Juan Cuadrado, Weston McKennie, and Denis Zakaria’s health after losing out on Wojciech Szczesny and Paul Pogba due to injuries. These players all underwent various phases of treatment. During a water break just before the hour mark, the American in particular seemed in discomfort but continued until his withdrawal a few minutes later.

Juventus vs. Sassuolo was broadcast live on The Sporting News, who also provided score updates, analysis, and highlights as they happened.

Recent arrivals Bremer and Di Maria have a strong start.

Paul Pogba’s return to the club has been postponed, but a number of the new Juventus signings this summer have ensured that the injured won’t be missed to start the season.

Angel Di Maria was really terrific, given flexibility to move about and be positioned behind Dusan Vlahovic. The right side of the field was where he frequently appeared, delivering crosses, engaging opponents, and adding to Juventus’ flare. His goal was fantastic, volleying the ball into the ground in a unique way such that it rose precisely above the goalkeeper’s head. Later, a breathtaking rabona pass had the onlookers pick their jaws up off the floor.

recent centre back Bremer was also brilliant, controlling Sassuolo for a good portion of the second half with prolonged periods of possession. His ability to physically tackle attackers who had their backs to the goal was crucial.

Dusan Vlahovic overcomes early season rust.

Dusan Vlahovic, Juventus’ stalwart, was likely a touch rusty to begin the season, which most people would have expected. Due to his injury, the Serbian missed a large portion of the preseason and might have been forgiven for needing some time to recover his shooting form.

Vlahovic struggled in front of goal in the first half, but he was able to win a penalty and convert it with flair for his first goal of the year. He missed a couple opportunities and seemed out of it.

But that was different at halftime. Vlahovic’s goal in the second half included a masterful show of body control as the Juve forward was able to contort his body in response to a deflection and yet manage to redirect the ball inside the far post.

Whatever Vlahovic need to shake off the rust from the summer, it was inconsequential after the break, and the Serbian is off to a strong start this year. His goal-scoring ability will be crucial to Juventus’s ambitions of contending for the Serie A championship.

Juventus vs. Sassuolo final score


26th min — JUV — Angel Di Maria
43rd min — JUV — Dusan Vlahovic (pen)
51st min — JUV — Dusan Vlahovic

Live commentary, highlights, and updates for Juventus vs. Sassuolo

SESSION ENDS, Juventus 3-0 Sassuolo

Juventus secures a resounding victory as the final few seconds pass without anything to show for it. Sassuolo missed opportunities in the first half, and the hosts were by much the superior team in the latter 45 minutes. The headliner was Angel Di Maria, and the Old Lady made an early case that they were prepared to contend for the crown once more.

84th minute: The replacements have caused the game to stalemate, with play incredibly sluggish. Long amounts of time with the ball go to Sassuolo, but they are unable to break past Juventus’ defence. After a turnover, Kostic makes a run for it, but his shot is stopped, resulting in a corner.

74th minute: Sassuolo has a chance! The guests refuse to go! Andrea Pinamonti jumps off the bench just before the water break and launches himself from a tight angle, but Perin parries his shot.

McKennie leaves the field along with Locatelli, who has been arrested, and is replaced by Nicolo Rovella and Matias Soule. Allegri then adds two further substitutes. Despite the previous treatment, McKennie appeared OK when he left, and it is probable that he left to gradually improve his match fitness following an injury-shortened preseason.

Weston McKennie cautiously leaves the pitch with the trainers in the 70th minute, compounding Juventus’ injury woes. The American who had a dislocated shoulder unexpectedly made a quick recovery, but the issue seems to be with the lower body. A cooling pause results from his therapy. McKennie keeps working.

A difficult way for Angel Di Maria’s otherwise brilliant debut to conclude as he limps off with an injury in the 66th minute. The Argentine has been nothing short of brilliant, producing a rabona pass that had the announcers in awe only moments before. Fabio Miretti takes over for him.

61st minute: Two substitutions for Juventus as Juan Cuadrado is replaced by Filip Kostic and Alex Sandro is replaced by Mattia di Sciglio.

GOAL, JUVENTUS! 50th minute Oh goodness, what a poor mistake by Ayhan to simply pass the ball back to Di Maria at the top of the penalty area! When Di Maria’s pass deflects into Vlahovic’s path, Juve makes the defence pay for his appalling mistake. The Serbian attacker uses remarkable cunning to adjust for the deflection and wriggle his body for a lethal attempt.

Moment 50: Juventus has a chance! Angel Di Maria is almost there in a second! The Argentine rushes through midfield and into the attacking third, seizing the opportunity, and lifting a chip that narrowly misses the far post.

49th minute: Sassuolo has been attacking throughout the game, and Matheus Henrique gets the first chance of the second half to score from a distance with a shot that has pace, but Perin catches it in his bread basket.

Sassuolo makes a substitution in the 46th minute to start the second half with Giacomo Raspadori leading the assault in place of Gregoire Defrel.

At the half, Juventus led Sassuolo 2-0.

Midway through the first half, Sassuolo enjoyed a solid run of offensive opportunities, but they were down 2-0 at the interval. The finest performer in the first 45 minutes was Angel Di Maria, who at 34 years old still appeared to have plenty of gas in the tank. If the visitors want to tie the game again after the break, they must strengthen their defence.

A lengthy break in play occurred for Denis Zakaria’s medical care at 45 minutes. He can move on his own when walking. As a result, there are four more minutes.

43:00 JUVENTUS scores a goal! Dusan Vlahovic wins the penalty, and he makes the conversion! When given the all-clear, the penalty is totally BURIED to make it 2-0 after a little wait as the referee wanted to ensure that all players remained behind the proper line.

Penalty for Juventus in the 41st minute! With his back to the goal during a one-on-two counter, Dusan Vlahovic made every effort to keep standing, but Gianmarco Ferrari brought him to the ground. Although there was no malicious intent behind the defender’s takedown, it was nonetheless an ugly challenge that undoubtedly merited a penalty and so survived a VAR review.

Minute 37: Juventus has a chance! Angel Di Maria made a fantastic debut! This time, the Argentine switches roles and makes a superb pass down the right side to Danilo in front of the goal. When Vlahovic finally receives it, he turns and shoots just wide right of the goal post with his back to the net. Vlahovic, who had his preseason cut short due to injury, is denied a third opportunity and appears rusty.34th minute: After getting caught up with Bremer and allowing a stray arm to strike his opponent in the face, new Sassuolo midfielder Kristian Thorstveidt receives a yellow card.

Chance, Sassuolo in the 31st minute! The action in this game is exploding! When Kaan Ayhan of Sassuolo fires from a distance, Mattia Perin makes a great save by diving to his right and blocking the venomous far-post attempt.

Minute 29: Juventus has a chance! The hosts are instantly in control following the goal, and Dusan Vlahovic nearly connects with a Danilo cross again with a leg whip. Vlahovic goes near the post while moving laterally across the face, missing barely wide to the right. Although the goal was clearly in front of Vlahovic, it would have been nearly a second in short succession for Juventus.

Goal! 26th minute JUVENTUS! With his first goal, it’s Angel Di Maria! The Argentine makes a brilliant moment somewhat against the grain of the game. It falls to Di Maria in the penalty area, and he whips his left leg at the bouncing ball since Juve was unable to get a good shot off during a period of aggressive possession. He slams the ball into the ground, and it soars brilliantly over Sassuolo goalkeeper Andrea Consigli before nestling under the crossbar and into the goal. A wonderful position!

25th minute: Locatelli sets up Juan Cuadrado for Juve’s greatest opportunity to date, but the Colombian’s cross misses its mark and skims the goal unintentionally.

Chance, Sassuolo, 21st minute! Oh my god, Juve look awful in possession! Sassuolo gains a chance to score after a careless and hazardous giveaway, but the two Juventus defenders stop the lone attacker before the ball can be loosed. Whistles can be heard within Allianz Stadium as the visitors struggle to keep up, and Sassuolo has nearly seized the opportunity.

20th minute: Sassuolo has a chance! Wow, the visitors get the game’s first real opportunity when Gregoire Defrel finds himself completely unmarked in front of goal. However, despite latching onto a cross at the far post, Defrel is unable to get a good shot off, and Mattia Perin is able to divert the ball before it crosses the goal line. Very near!

The Martinique international is given another chance shortly after, but Perin blocks his long shot.

19th minute: Sassuolo’s first opportunity comes from Berardi, who fires from a tight angle down the right, but the ball sails far over the crossbar. With a lot of giveaways in midfield by the two clubs, both teams appear to be a touch careless in possession.

16th minute: Manuel Locatelli receives an early caution for a highly reckless challenge on Berardi that sent the opponent in the blue jersey crashing to the ground. He is the first player to be flagged. He disagrees with the choice, but it is difficult for him to refute it because of how recklessly he entered the room.

15th minute: Throughout the entire season, Angel Di Maria plans to work with Dusan Vlahovic. The Argentine sends his strike partner his initial cross, but it is barely out his reach. However, this is encouraging news for Juventus supporters who are hoping that these two forge a sharp bond.

Following stints in the Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Portuguese Primeira Liga, Di Maria now has playing time in five of Europe’s major leagues.

7th minute: Sassuolo has a difficult start after right-back Mert Muldur is carried out on a stretcher after only 10 seconds, forcing the hosts to make a quick substitution. Jeremy Toljan will replace the hurt Turk on the field.

A warning shot is fired by Juventus in the fifth minute when Alex Sandro’s cross from the left almost misses Dusan Vlahovic, who is already on the offensive. Any possible goal, if Vlahovic had gotten his head to it, wouldn’t have counted since he appeared to be just a little offside.

First minute: Juventus have started their Serie A campaign for 2022–23!

Juventus vs Sassuolo, pre-game

“6 minutes to kick” There will be a lot of interest in Domenico Berardi as well as the season opening because Juventus is usually an attraction. The Sassuolo captain joined the team in 2015, having previously played for Juventus. As a sign of commitment, he is now donning the number 10 jersey this year.

Adrien Rabiot is absent from the Juventus matchday squad with 33 minutes remaining, but not because of a transfer to Manchester United that is rumoured to be imminent. Because of accumulating yellow cards, he is suspended.

Even then, there are persistent whispers linking the Frenchman to Manchester United. According to some sources, the club is considering selling James Garner, a product of its system, to help pay for the acquisition of Rabiot.

The starting lineups have been announced, and McKennie begins in midfield for Juventus alongside an otherwise anticipated starting eleven. Bremer, a recent summer acquisition, will make his Serie A debut at center-back while Dusan Vlahovic is also well enough to start. After signing from PSG this summer, Angel Di Maria also makes his debut in the Italian top division.

Kristian Thorstvedt, a newcomer for Sassuolo, will make his Serie A debut, but Agustin Alvarez will have to wait because he was only selected on the bench.

75 minutes to kickoff: Despite dislocating his shoulder just a few weeks ago during preseason, American midfielder Weston McKennie is anticipated to be ready to play today. During an interview with American broadcaster CBS, the USMNT player displayed his individuality.

With 120 minutes left to play, Juventus will try to replicate their spectacular 7-0 home victory against Sassuolo from February 2018 in which Gonzalo Higuain scored a hat-trick and Sami Khedira added two more goals. Juventus is trying to climb back up the table and contend for the championship once more.

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