In November, Yko Nogiri releases a new manga.

The news that Yoko Nogiri (Those Not-So-Sweet Boys, That Wolf-Boy is Mine!) would debut a new manga in the magazine’s January 2023 edition was made public on Saturday in the November issue of this year’s Dessert magazine from Kodansha.

After eight years of divorce, the girl’s parents have remarried, and the plot centers on her. Her charming older brother and old acquaintance have re-entered her life, and she is torn between them in this love triangle.

Beginning in January 2019 and through in September 2021, Nogiri published the comic book series Those Not-So-Sweet Boys (Amakunai Karera no Nichijo wa) in Dessert.

The seventh volume of the manga’s compilation book was released by Kodansha in January.

Nogiri’s That Wolf-Boy is Mine! manga and his Love in Focus manga were both previously published by Kodansha Comics in their entirety.

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