The November release of a new novel for Jack Jeanne Game.

The Jack Jeanne video game, which Broccoli and Tokyo Ghoul manga author Sui Ishida collaborated on, will get a new novel spinoff by Shin Towada, according to the 43rd edition of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine published on Thursday. For this book’s November 17 release, Ishida is creating fresh artwork.

The spinoff novel for Jack Jeanne -Kageki- (Jack Jeanne -Summer Theater-, shown right) was written by Towada and published in April 2021. Ishida also contributed illustrations to the novel, which tells a tale not shown in the video game.

In English for the Switch, Aksys Games will release the game in 2023. As stated by the developer:

When the chance to enroll at the elite All Boys Drama School, which she has long loved, presents itself, Kisa is about to abandon her ambition of becoming an actress. Two requirements must be met in order for her to be admitted: she must be selected as the lead in the final production and she must conceal her gender! The rivalry is genuine and the competition at the school is strong! Will Kisa be able to bond with her all-male classmates and succeed in competition with them? Will she maintain her secrecy and be given the lead part in the year’s final performance?

After two delays, the game’s Nintendo Switch release in Japan took place in March 2021.

With a focus on theater and a drama school atmosphere, the game combines visual novel and rhythm game features. According to Broccoli, the game includes “20 novels” worth of plot. The game’s primary plot has complete voice acting.

The game’s setting design, in-game artwork, and embedded song lyrics were all created by Ishida, who is also credited with the game’s original work and character designs.

The game’s plot was written by Ishida and Shin Towada (author of the Tokyo Ghoul novel series).

The tune was written by Akira Kosemura. Seishiro is given credit for choreography, while Lownine is given credit for concept art. Together with Happinet, Broccoli created the game.


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