Lunatic Circus manga by Usamaru Furuya concludes Part 1.

On Wednesday, the last chapter of the first section of Usamaru Furuya’s Lunatic Circus manga appeared in Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic @Bunch magazine’s November edition. The third compilation book volume of the manga will be released on November 8.

In August 2020, Furuya released the comic.

On March 9, Shinchosha released the second volume of the manga’s compilation book.

The manga had a break in September 2021, but it was back on April 21 of current year.

The Amane Gymnasium manga by Furuya came to a conclusion in September 2021. In January 2017, Furuya debuted the comic in Morning Two.

Amane Gymnasium by Furuya was first published in Morning Two magazine in January 2017 and ran through August 2020.

Other works by Furuya include Lychee Light Club, No Longer Human, 51 Ways to Save Her, Teiichi no Kuni, and 51 Ways to Save Her.

51 Ways to Save Her was advertised by DC Comics’ CMX Manga, but it was never published before the publication’s closure in 2010.

Lychee Light Club and No Longer Human were published in English by Vertical and Genkaku Picasso by Viz Media.

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