Before its end of service in October, the arcade game Aikatsu Planet! enters its “third stage.”

The Aikatsu! Planet game will reach the “third stage” on October 20 as it advances toward completing its service, according to a tweet from the official Bandai Aikatsu! arcade card game series account on Thursday. However, the “third stage” will be the game’s last level, not the game’s service ending on October 20.

Aikatsu! Planet, a bigger project that included a television anime, included the arcade card game, which debuted in December 2020.

Aikatsu! Planet was the first television production in the Aikatsu! idol series to use live-action, animation, and 3D computer graphics.

The setting for the narrative is “Aikatsu Planet,” a place where anybody may take on the role of an avatar and transform into an adorable idol. When Hana’s former alter ego Meisa Hinata abruptly vanished, Mao Otoha—an average first-year student at the exclusive Seirei High School—became the idol Hana. To everyone else, however, Mao’s new identity as the avatar Hana remains a mystery. The project’s slogan is “I enter the mirror to become the’me’ I want to be.”

On January 10, 2021, the Aikatsu! Planet series debuted, and it ran until June 2021. The Gekij-ban Aikatsu Planet! movie from BN Pictures debuted on July 15 alongside Aikatsu! 10th Story Mirai e no Starway (Starway to the Future), the franchise’s 10th anniversary film. Starway to the Future appears to be a reference to the Japanese translation of the Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven.” Another new movie is being born from the latter, and it will debut in early 2023.

The first arcade card game that launched the Aikatsu! brand debuted in October 2012. A television anime that aired from 2012 to 2016 and three anime movies were both inspired by the game. A television anime that debuted on TV Tokyo and its affiliates in April 2016 was inspired by the second game in the series, Aikatsu Stars! August 2016 saw the release of an anime film for Aikatsu Stars!

Aikatsu Friends!, the third installment in the Aikatsu! series, and its companion Aikatsu Friends! Data Carddass arcade game debuted in April 2018. Then, in April 2018, a follow-up television anime named Aikatsu Friends! Kagayaki no Jewel (Shining Jewel) debuted with a separate arcade game tie-in. The sequel’s main heroine, Aine Yki, is a high school student two years after the events of Aikatsu Friends!

The television anime Aikatsu on Parade! debuted in October 2019 and featured both new lead Raki Kiseki and regulars from the previous Aikatsu! series.

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