New Teaser Trailer Offers a Live-Action Look at Season 2 of Alice in Borderland (Updated).

On Saturday, during its Netflix Tudum streaming event, a “mega teaser trailer” for the second season of the live-action adaptation of Haro Aso’s Alice in Borderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice) manga was unveiled. The program will premiere on December 22 according to the Netflix Tudum Japan livestream event on Sunday.

In December 2022, Netflix will launch the second season globally. Yuri Tsunematsu plays high school student Heiya, Tomohisa Yamashita plays “King of Clubs” Kyma, Hayato Isomura plays Banda, Kai Inowaki plays Matsushita, Katsuya Maiguma plays Yaba, and Honami Satoh plays Kotoko.

The second season’s plot is described by Netflix as follows:

To get back to their world, Arisu and Usagi must solve the Borderland’s riddles. This season’s location, which contrasts with the first season’s startlingly vacant Shibuya, is a devastated Shibuya covered in vegetation. Don’t miss a minute of this action-packed survival game with an exciting plot!

In December 2020, Netflix unveiled the first season. It placed in the top 10 of Netflix’s global rankings in 40 different countries and territories, making it the most watched live-action series in Japan in 2020. The anime film Oblivion Island will be directed by Shinsuke Sat, who also directed the live-action Bleach and Kingdom movies. The screenplays for the first season of Sat were written by Yoshiki Watabe and Yasuko Kuramitsu. Planning and production are attributed to ROBOT.

The comic is focused on Ryhei Arisu (called “Alice” in Japanese), a male high school student who is annoyed with his terrible daily existence. He joins his evil pals Chta and Karube for a night of drinking and hanging out in the city. A sudden display of enormous fireworks, however, blankets the town. Ryhei suddenly realizes there is no one else in the area. Ryhei, Karube, and Chta become stuck in a strange new environment and have to play survival games or they’ll perish straight away. The three are engaged in a struggle for their lives and to return to their own planet.

In 2010, Aso started serializing the manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday S (previously Shnen Sunday Ch), a publication published by Shogakukan. As the last narrative arc of the anime series began in March 2015, it was moved to Weekly Shonen Sunday. Shogakukan released 18 collected book volumes after the manga’s March 2016 conclusion. Original video animation (OVA) episodes were included with the 12th, 13th, and 14th volumes of the manga. The OVAs are available on HIDIVE.

The first manga is being made available in English by Viz Media.

The second season will premiere on December 22 around the globe.

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