Night In Paradise ( 2020 Movie )

Tae-goo was working in a gang while he got a offer from Chairman Doh who was the head of Bukseong gang. Tae-goo reject the offer. After few day, his sister and niece visited him and when they were going to their place, they died because of a car accident. Tae-goo thought it was done by Chairman Doh because he rejected his offer. Tae-goo took revenge by killing Chairman Doh.

After that, Tae-goo has to flee to a Jeju island where he was staying in a ex gangster home with his niece Jae-yeon has a terminally ill disease because of which she will die after some days. Ex gangster is smuggling the guns and one day to whom he was smuggling killed him. Tae-goo and Jae-yeon left the place and went to another place. Tae-goo get a call from his boss and he went to meet him in the airport. It turns out, chairman is working with Executive Ma. Executive Ma is the a henchman Bukseong gand who was finding Tae-goo to take revenge of chairman Doh.

In airport, Tae-goo saw both of them and managed to run aways from all the men who came their to catch him. Jae-yeon went to their old place and got caught by Executive Ma. Tae-goo went their to save the Jae-yeon. From executive Jae-Yeon, Tae-goo came to know that his own boss is the one who killed his sister and niece. He give him a good beating but at the end Tae-goo died.

Next day when all gangster are having breakfast, Jae-yeon went their with gun and killed all of them. At the end she also killed herself.

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