Animal World ( 2018 Movie )

After seeing a clown fight in cartoon name super clown on the television in childhood, Zheng Kai Si started feeling like a clown is living inside him. Whenever he feel emotional, that clown jump out and he feel like his mind got paralysed. Zheng feel like all people around him became some weird creature and trying to attack him. The doctors says that its a physiological disorder but he don’t believe them.

Zheng mom is admit in the hospital where her neighbour Liu Quing works as a nurse. He used to take financial help from her. Some patient are making fun of Lui Qing so Zheng beats them. Zheng doesn’t have enough money for her mother treatment so he put his house on mortgage with the help of a friend Li Jun.

Li Jun made the worst deal and because of that Zheng has to pay a high amount of debt. But they offered him to travel in a ship with some people and play a game. If he win the game then all his debt will be paid and he can earn more money. He decided to play the game. Before taking the players, they were injecting the anaesthetic so that all can sleep during the journey to the ship. Zhen daydreamed that he was able to escape the place but in reality when he tried to do the same, he got busted.

In the ship mang people are introduced with a rock paper scissor game with 3 stars. They have to play rock paper scissor and get three star with no rock paper scissor card to win. Zhen meet Zhang Jing-Kun and told him to play rock paper scissor with the same sequence of card so that they both will not lose and leave the ship.

They were playing as decided but in the middle, Zhang cheated twice and Zhen lost two of his stars. Later Zhen meet Li Jun and they both decided to help each other. They found a guy, Meng Guo-xiang who need card and has two stars but instead of trading card with star, he stole a card or Zhen and placed a bet and lost.

Zhen, Meng and Li Jun decided to play together and they manage to win 2 card from a player. They decided to buy all rock cards because paper cards are decreasing so they thought they can win with rock cards against scissor card. Same like them, other team started collecting stone. In hesitation, Meng and Li Jun played game and both loses the game. Then the other team reveal themselves that they have the stone. Zhen offered to play a game to win 3 star and all his money and the other team accepted the challenge. Zhen manage to win the game.

Zhang offered one star in return of five card but Zhen didn’t made the deal. Zhen was going to play at the end but Zhang convinced people to shuffle the cards so that Zhen will not able to win. Zhang also convince that let’s play among who shuffled card because of this Zhang agreed to shuffle his card also. With whomever Zhang played game he was able to win the game and at last he was convincing one more player to play but Zing revealed that he cheated and now he know what he have. No one played with Zhang and at last Zing played with Zhang and Zing win the match.

Zing has to go where people go after losing. There a man told him that they will help you to go out if you are worth it but it turns out that Meng and Li Jun betrayed him after getting so much money for stars. Zing fought with the man inside that place and managed to remove the bandage from his body. Inside bandage there are diamonds so they get Zing out of that place. Zing beat Meng and took star and money from him. He used star to get out a old person and told him that your son will need you.

He meets Liu Quing and his mother and started living normal life but one day he came know that the person who started the Game was also the killer of his father.

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