On June 13–16, the E3 In-Person Event will return with separate Business/Gamer Days.

The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) revealed on Monday that it will collaborate with ReedPop, an event production business, to bring back the live E3 event from June 13–16, 2023. E3 Business Days, which are only open to professionals in the sector, will be held from June 13–15. The E3 Gamer Days will be held on June 15 and 16 in a separate hall from the industrial section. Before and throughout the exhibition, beginning on June 11, there will also be linked internet events and showcases.

E3 2023 will be open to publishers, developers, journalists, content producers, manufacturers, purchasers, and licensors. Both online and offline components of the event will be featured. In December 2022, media registration will start.

The new E3 team will be led by Kyle Marsden-Kish, global vice president of gaming for ReedPop.

E3 would return in 2023 with “a rejuvenated showcase” “live from Los Angeles,” the ESA has previously said. The 2023 display will be the ESA’s “focus” for its resources.

The ESA postponed the E3 celebration this year. There was no digital or in-person component. Due to “health dangers surrounding” the new coronavirus illness, the ESA had announced the cancellation of the live E3 event in January (COVID-19). The trade group didn’t yet have plans for a digital/virtual E3 event at that time.

After postponing its physical event in February of that year, the ESA resurrected last year’s E3 as a virtual event in June of that same year. E3 2020 was postponed by the ESA, and there was no online event that year either.

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