The 2023 TV anime adaptation of the Kawaisugi Crisis manga.

Mitsuru Kido’s Kawaisugi Crisis (Too Cute Crisis) manga is receiving a television anime in 2023, according to a new official website and Twitter account that went up on Tuesday.

It will be animated by Synergy SP.

The science fiction comedy centers on Liza Luna, a spaceship sent by the galactic empire Azatos to Earth. Since Earth had a low level of civilization, she first believed that it would be OK to destroy it. She runs into a cat, though, and is taken aback by how adorable she is after stopping at a cafe.

In October 2019, Kido released the manga in Jump Square, a publication published by Shueisha. Additionally, Shonen Jump+ has the manga. The sixth volume of the manga’s compiled book will be released on October 4 by Shueisha. The fifth volume was published on April 4 by Shueisha.

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